Breakout Descriptions

Session #1

Beginning a Savings and Investment Program - Ken Bauman Retired Banker and General Lender 

This program is for families and individuals who do not have a well established savings and investment program. In this discussion I will cover several types of basic savings instruments and savings vehicles to get started in savings. Established savers and investors will NOT benefit from this program. 

Helping Children Deal with Wrongs (part 1) - Boomer Roland

The first step to a changed heart is to calm down, stop fighting and be willing to talk about the problem. Children sometimes struggle to control their emotions. When tantrums, meltdowns and fits rage, little ones can't receive correction. That's when a Break is a parent's best friend. In this workshop, learn to use a Break effectively to reach your child's heart.

Who's Kidding Who - Gerad & Melanie Strong Lead Pastors at Bethel Assembly

Is your house out of control? Parenting is no joke. We will take a look at God's design for the family, we'll find out that it is possible to restore order and sanity to the home.

Tech Savvy Parenting - Derick Brown Youth Pastor at Destiny Foursquare Church

From TV to phones, from social media to streaming services, this breakout session will help to provide some insight into the world of tech that kids are born into and parents must acclimate to.

“Parents, It’s Your Job: A Revolutionary Concept!” - LauraLee Holsing Director of Education Ministries at Parkview Evangelical Free

Every parent desires to raise successful children. Every Christian parent (should) desires to raise children who will successfully remain in the faith.  This is a challenge of gigantic proportions in our day.  But there are Biblical principles which were given to help parents meet this challenge.  George Barna has done the hard work of researching how to keep kids in the faith, and this session will show you the results of his research. Barna calls this “Revolutionary Parenting”—something every Christian parent can accomplish! And you can too! 


Session #2

Communicating with Your Teen to Solve Problems - Scott Wiley Lead Pastor at Word of Hope Wesleyan Church & Licensed Counselor

Parents will be introduced to a proven communication method for working together with their teens to solve and prevent common problems at home or school. This method can be applied whether the issue is behavior, attitude, school, friends, money, chores, substance use, sexual activity, and so on. Parents will leave with skills they can immediately apply at home. 

Helping Children Deal with Wrongs (part 2) - Boomer Roland

Ever experience an awkwardness following a time of correction with your children? When that tension lingers it can fester and produce distance in a parent/child relationship. Just as repentance is key to a healthy, growing relationship with God, an apology is important in personal relationships. In this workshop you'll learn how to end your correction times on a positive note while also modeling the steps to repentance.

Love Languages - Dyani Waldrop Children’s Pastor at Destiny Foursquare Church

Take a moment to learn and understand the different types of love languages and how they can be applied to deepening and strengthening your relationship with your children (and maybe even your spouse or other people in your life!).

Praying for your Children - Dan & Sara Dangerfield

Let's face it - parenting can be the most challenging journey we will face here on earth.  Our experience, wisdom, and techniques can only lead our children so far before we need God to step in and take control.  That's where pray comes into play.  In this session we will walk through practical steps on how we can cover our children with prayer so we can maximize the presence of God in their life.

Healthy Marriage Tips - Craig & Donna Moore Lead Pastors at First Assembly

10 Commandments for Fair & Peaceful Disagreements (Learn to fight fair); A Family Survival Plan; Breaking Strongholds & Soul Ties.


Session #3

Giving Instructions Kids will Follow - Boomer Roland Children’s Pastor at Rimrock Church

Ever been frustrated because your children won't follow your instructions? Developing an instruction routine for your family will help both you and your kids. In this workshop you will learn the 5 steps to giving an instruction and 5 steps to teach your children to receive an instruction. Once this becomes, well...routine, you will find your children much more cooperative and ready to respond. This workshop is very practical, very doable and very fresh.

Tech Savvy Parenting - Derick Brown Youth Pastor at Destiny Foursquare Church

Repeated from Session #1

Navigating Blended Families - Dyani Waldrop

Parenting is hard. And parenting children in a blended family relationships is even harder. This session will focus on helping parents navigate the ups & downs of step-families and how to stay united and connected in a challenging situation.

The Gospel-Saturated Home - Josh Brown Youth & Children’s Pastor at South Canyon Baptist

How to make the work of God in Christ the bedrock of your family relationships.

Pastoral Prayer Counseling - Pastoral Staff

Seeking Godly counsel is wise. This will give you time to talk to one of the Pastoral staff to ask questions and have prayer about a specific need.


  • 8:30 Registration & Check-in
  • 9:00 Opening & General Session
  • 9:30 Breakout #1
  • 10:30 Breakout #2
  • 11:30 General Session
  • 12:00 Lunch w/entertainment
  • 1:30 Breakout #3
  • 2:30 General Session
  • 3:00 Question & Answer Panel / Prayer
  • 3:45 Closing