1 Student - 1 Day - $1,000


On October 26th, students are coming together with one goal. To raise money for missions through Speed the Light. Speed the Light is a student-initiated, charitable program that provides much needed vehicles and equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since it’s beginning in 1944, students have raised over $300 million for missionary equipment.

Through Speed the Light, our youth group at Rapid City First Assembly of God is raising money to help Convoy of Hope replace their semi fleet. Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, international, humanitarian-relief organization. Since it was founded in 1994, it has served more than 100 million people worldwide. 

When disaster strikes, Convoy of Hope is one of the first organizations to respond. To date, they have responded to more than 379 disasters, providing valuable food, water, medical supplies, and clothing in desperate times of need. Convoy always works alongside the local church so that these victims also hear about the love Christ has for them. In 2018, their semi fleet delivered and distributed 10.9 million pounds of relief supplies in the United States alone. You can learn more about Convoy of Hope by visiting their website at www.convoyofhope.com 

So where do you fit in? Convoy of Hope needs our help in replacing their semi fleet so that they can continue to provide relief when earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and the unthinkable happen. On October 26th, students from across the nation have each committed to doing something 1,000 times. They are seeking sponsors for each time they will complete their task, until each time is sponsored and they have raised $1,000. You can support them by giving cash, check or online. No donation amount is too big or too small and every little bit helps!

Below you will find each student’s personal page where you can watch a video they have recorded as well as give towards their $1,000 goal. If you would like to give directly to Convoy of Hope, you can do so below by selecting “My Online Donation”. Thank you for helping to be the hands and feet of Christ and making a difference in the lives of so many people. 

If you would like to join in and watch live as the students complete the 1,000 tasks on Saturday, October 26th, you can do so here. We will also post the total amount raised at the end of our fundraiser.

*All donations made directly to First Assembly of God are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.